little rob's accessories

little rob's accessories

little stands, big stands - and more. . . .

Christmas tree stands should work simply, quickly and well for a long time. We have to use these things too, and we know junk when we see it. If crawling around on the floor isn’t your thing, call our delivery team- we set up more trees in a month than you will in a lifetime.

Wreaths are pretty, smell great, and we have fun making them. We stock sizes for standard doors/windows, and we’ll make one to spec if you need an extra-large wreath. All wreaths are made from natural greenery - no plastic pinecones or other chintzy junk.

Garlands are Instant Holiday; you just hang them anywhere and voila! it’s eggnog time. We carry a few kinds, from mantelpiece-grade gorgeous to I’m-doing-the-whole-yard.

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