about our trees 

little growers = big benefits

Juicy, fragrant North Carolina Fraser firs are the gold standard for christmas trees. They smell wonderful, last longer than any other species, and their sturdy branches can support all manner of decoration. Frasers are native to higher elevations (above 4,000 feet) in the southern Appalachians, and will not grow in the Piedmont or the Atlanta area.

For the consumer, the main thing to know is the difference between trees from small growers and high-volume outfits. Volume growers don’t grow christmas trees - they grow Halloween trees. Cutting starts at the end of October, at which point the trees are tied up, stacked in piles, and packed into trailer-trucks to await eventual shipment. If you’ve ever seen a cascade of brownish needles hit the floor when you brought your tree home - maybe from the church, or some big-box store - you’ve had one of these.

little rob’s began buying trees from the Abel family of Glenville, NC in 1992 - a relationship that continued for many years. Today, all our growers are small enough that they can provide weekly - not yearly - deliveries to the lot in Atlanta, which means that little rob’s customers don’t need to worry about decorating a Halloween tree. 

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