little rob's delivery service

little rob's delivery service

we stand it up - you stand and watch

LITTLE ROB'S COVID-19 PRACTICES: We’re taking special precautions this year. On the lot, we’ll be keeping our distance (one “tree length”) and minimizing contact. Masks will be worn when in close proximity.  On deliveries, we aim to keep this process as safe as possible for our customers and ourselves, so we wear masks when inside, practice frequent hand washing, and leave doors open for ventilation whenever possible.  If you have additional requirements, let us know what you need to make it happen and we’ll do our best to comply.
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Some people are gifted with the ability to make anything work. Spatial-mechanical geniuses, they can fix cars, build cabinets, construct beautiful stone walls from piles of rocks. Others just don’t want to be down on the floor at midnight, contemplating divorce and inadvertently expanding their kids’ vocabularies while jabbing at a fir tree with a screwdriver. If the second category describes you, talk to us about delivery and setting up your tree. Chances are you won’t miss the old days.

And if setting up the tree isn't your preferred activity, you probably aren't looking forward to taking it down either. We provide post-holiday tree removal service - ask us for more information.

3259 Roswell Road (at East Andrews Dr.) Atlanta, GA
9 a.m. - 9 p.m., November 19th to Christmas
(470) 303-1277

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